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Living in Christ Ministries offers numerous Study Aids, Bible Study Outlines, and other aids for the Christian.

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Worldviews in Collision

This full title really explains the nature of this study, Worldviews in Collision: Post-modernity and Christianity. And the subtitle reveals the emphasis throughout the study, No God but God: The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World. In this study I expose the nature of post-modernity in Western culture, and its counterpart known as the “emerging church” in Christianity. This is an extremely timely, important, and practical study because it will help you understand the reason WHY things are unraveling in both our culture and the church (100 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $6.00
Spiral Bound: $12.00

Christian Marriage and Family Life

This study is subtitled, Living For God in the Home, and virtually everything the Bible actually teaches on the subject of marriage and family is addressed. This is a timely study for we live in a day in which marriage cannot even be rightly defined in our culture; the family unit is being undermined incredibly; and children are growing up in an environment that is not conducive for mental, emotional, or spiritual well being. This study brings to light the teaching of Scripture in a clear and practical manner (174 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $10.00
Spiral Bound: $20.00

Divine Authority in an Age of Uncertainty

This is a study that issued forth from a previous study on “Post-modernity and Christianity.” The subtitle explains the nature of this study: A Biblical and Theological Examination of the Nature of Divine Authority and its Delegation in Human Social Structures. The idea of authority is either redefined or is virtually nonexistent in a postmodern world. But God is THE authority in the universe, and He has delegated an authority structure in the human world. This study carefully develops the biblical theme and then applies it especially for the Christian (58 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $4.00
Spiral Bound: $8.00

The Mystery in Godliness

The subtle explains the nature of this study: Expository Sermons for the People of God on Various Subjects of the Christian Life. There are a total of forty-four sermons on a wide variety of important subjects related to the spiritual life of the believer. You will find them to be biblically accurate, theologically sound, spiritually edifying, and personally practical. The sermon can also be listened to on Sermon Audio (200 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $11.00
Spiral Bound: $22.00

Holy Laws for Righteous Living

This is a biblical, theological, and practical exposition of the Ten Commandments and Moral Law of God. Several chapters are given over to an examination of the nature of law in general, and the background to the Moral Law of God as it was given to ancient Israel. What follows is an exposition of each of the Ten Commandments, with an emphasis upon the practical application of each in the life of the believer (220 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $12.00
Spiral Bound: $24.00

Jesus Christ: The Pattern of Piety

This is a study of various aspects of the life of Jesus Christ taken from the gospel accounts, and which provides a consistent pattern of piety for the people of God for their daily lives. We all need a role model, and there is none better than Jesus Christ Himself. Since the goal of redemption is conformity to the likeness of Christ, this study is designed to help the serious Christian to make significant progress in that very objective. This is an extremely practical study (146 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $8.50
Spiral Bound:  $17.00 

Praying According to the Divine Pattern Prescribed by Jesus

This work concentrates primarily on the Lord’s Prayer and His instructions on praying and fasting as it is presented in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) and His Farewell Discourse (John 13-17). It also includes the teaching of the apostles on the subject as well, with additional material including expository thoughts on the Lord’s prayer by J.C. Ryle; a sermon on “The Filial Spirit of the Lord’s Prayer” by Octavius Winslow; and a sermon on “Prayer and Practice” by John Angell James (150 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $8.50
Spiral Bound:  $17.00 

The God of Promise and the Life of Faith

This is an in-depth study on the nature of saving faith from a series of sermons on that subject. There are approximately 20 sermons dealing with the most significant concepts and key biblical texts on the subject. These are followed by studies on the faith of our Lord Jesus; an exposition of Hebrews 11; the Sabbath rest of faith reveled in Hebrews 4; and then several sermons on faith by well regarded and highly esteemed Christian authors such as J.C. Ryle and others. This is a very realistic study, with much emphasis placed upon practical application at every point (173 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $9.50
Spiral Bound:  $19.00 

The One Another Commands of the New Testament

This is a practical treatment of the more than twenty “one another commands” found in the New Testament. Essentially, this work explores our mutual responsibility in the body of Christ. The responsibility of “ministering” was never intended to be the role of the pastor exclusively, for God has gifted every member to minister. In fact, He commands that we do so.  This notebook will help you understand what these commands are, and how to put them into practice. The edition also includes a lengthy addendum on the one another commands and “things indifferent,” or the issue of Christian liberty in matters that are not essentially moral in nature (130 pages). 

PDF (Read Only): $7.50
Spiral Bound:  $15.00 

The Pursuit of God

This is a brief study about the practical knowledge of the fear of God. The chapters include The Supreme Excellence of God, Finding Our Delight in God, Walking in the Fear of God, Enjoying the Fatherhood of God, and The Biblical Gospel and the Attributes of God. It closes with a practical sermon by the Puritan Thomas Watson on “The Happiness of Drawing near to God” (40 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $3.00
Spiral Bound:  $6.00 

Drawing Near to God

Many Christians seem to struggle, to one degree or another, with their devotional life. This study is designed for such people. It is intentionally very practical and will provide you with some helpful instructions on enjoying personal communion with God by turning devotions into real devotion (82 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $5.00
Spiral Bound:  $10.00 

Holiness to the Lord

An in-depth study on the subject of personal holiness in the life of the Christian. It is not meant to be a treatise on theoretical sanctification, but rather a real help to the people of God in their pursuit of true biblical holiness. In addition to many important matters that are covered thoroughly, great emphasis is given to the New Covenant way of holiness, and the believer’s progress in holiness. A careful study of this material will challenge your spiritual life with God (201 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $11.00
Spiral Bound:  $22.00 

Winning the Battle in Spiritual Warfare

This is an in-depth study in this controversial subject, which is either ignored altogether or over-emphasized in the modern church. Attention is given to the role of Satan and demons as it is revealed in Scripture, with equal emphasis being given to the Christian’s ability to withstand him by putting on the armor of God. There is an extensive outline of the devices of Satan and the remedies against them from the book Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices, by the Puritan Thomas Brooks. Little else is in print today that covers this entire subject so thoroughly (200 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $11.00
Spiral Bound:  $22.00 

The Cross of Christ

These were sermons in the form of communion meditations on the practical aspects and redemptive benefits of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. They were from various portions of the Scriptures, but mostly from the gospel records in the New Testament. Each one was intended to reveal some particular aspect of the cross of Christ so as to stir our heart to devotion, and to stimulate us to walk closer to the Savior (85 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $5.00
Spiral Bound:  $11.00 

The Identifying Marks of a Healthy Church

This is a basic manual for church membership and a useful guide for church life and conduct. Altogether there are fourteen indispensable marks identified. It covers all of the essentials for basic church life and practice, from the nature of the church, to preaching, evangelism, worship, discipline, leadership, etc. It was developed with church members in mind so as to help them better understand their amazing privileges and responsibilities in the church of Christ (120 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $7.00
Spiral Bound:  $14.00 

Evangelism in the Real World

This is a practical manual on how to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in an effective manner. But it is grounded in the theology of the nature and need of the sinner; the saving work of Christ; and the gospel which is the power of God unto salvation. Emphasis is placed upon the free offer of the gospel, and the distinction between the gospel itself and the sinner’s response to it. Drawing primarily from the examples of Jesus and Paul, practical steps are given for evangelizing (103 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $6.00
Spiral Bound:  $12.00 

The Promise Driven Life

“An Examination of This Propositional Statement: The Lord Jesus Christ Lived the Purpose Driven Life in order that All His People Might Live the Promise Driven Life. The entirety of the Christian life is to be lived by grace alone, through faith alone, in God’s provision and His promises. I have developed this theme from 20+ precious promises of God, each of which was calculated to be very practical for the believer (107 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $6.00
Spiral Bound:  $12.00