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Living in Christ Ministries offers numerous Study Aids, Bible Study Outlines, and other aids for the Christian. These have all been written with both the pastor and student in mind. These works can provide practical help for the busy pastor in his preparation for the ministry of the word. As well, they can aid anyone who wants to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior through studying the Bible.

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A Survey of Church History

This study concentrates on the major people and events of church history. It seeks to integrate each era of church history with the comprehensive work of God, by attempting to rightly understand each individual era; how each one is the result of its predecessor, and then in turn how it produces its successor (130   pages).

PDF (Read Only): $7.50
Spiral Bound:  $15.00

The Historical Background of the New Testament

A historical background to the life and times of Jesus in particular, and the broader New Testament era in general. This helpful work provides the background information that will assist your understanding of the Bible by explaining the relevant social and cultural structures (40 pages).

Spiral Bound:  $6.00