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Living in Christ Ministries offers numerous Study Aids, Bible Study Outlines, and other aids for the Christian.

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The Kingdom of God

This is a thoroughly biblical and theological examination of the nature, purpose, presence, and future of the Kingdom of God. The emphasis throughout is upon the present realty of the Kingdom, from the “already” and “not yet” perspective. The kingdom theme is developed from both the Old and New Testaments, especially in relation to the covenant theme that is found in Scripture. You will find this to be a very helpful and practical study for the days in which we live (76 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $5.00
Spiral Bound: $10.00

The Atonement of Our Lord Jesus Christ

This is a study of the atonement of Christ that was done from an expository preaching series of the major texts on this subject from Genesis to Revelation. There are a total of twenty-seven sermons that address virtually every aspect of the atoning work of our Lord. By following the theme as it unfolds according to God’s progressive revelation an entirely new perspective is developed. Each sermon/study has practical application as well (138 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $8.00
Spiral Bound: $16.00

Unseen Realities and the Angelic Realm

The subtitle reveals the nature of this study: A Biblical Study of the Origin, Nature, and Purpose of Angels; and the Fall, Ongoing Activity, and Destiny of the Evil Angels. Virtually every biblical text dealing with this subject is expounded, and the full breadth of the biblical theme is developed. This study will serve as a balance between the modern overemphasis upon the invisible realm on the one hand, and the denial of its existence on the other hand. There is extensive application throughout as it relates to the subject of spiritual warfare in the life of the Christian (159 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $9.00
Spiral Bound: $18.00

Defending the Faith: An Introduction to Classical Apologetics

This material presents a basic introduction to classical apologetics, with a special emphasis upon the validity and importance of natural revelation. This is much neglected in modern apologetics. Following that there is a presentation of the historical development of philosophy and its necessary relationship to apologetics. Subsequent sections develop the themes of the proper use of logic, the constructive use of evidences, and the necessary use of Scripture. The final section is comprised of helpful suggestions on several particularly difficult issues related to apologetics (224 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $12.50
Spiral Bound: $25.00

A Quest for Truth

A Brief Examination of the Various doctrinal and practical deviations found in the Word of Faith Movement. This pamphlet exposes the false teachings within this movement and refutes them using the word of God. You will be stunned at what is being falsely taught as The Truth. (31 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $3.00
Spiral Bound:  $6.00 

Defending the Faith: An Introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics

An introduction to theology and the key issues related to apologetics. Emphasis is given to the self-attestation of God, the Scriptures, and the Gospel. Later chapters address the problem of evil; critique unbelief; present the right use of logic in apologetics and discuss the place, and proper use of, evidences in presuppositional apologetics and evangelism (187 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $10.50
Spiral Bound:  $21.00 

Principles of Biblical Interpretation

An in-depth study developing the most significant aspects of hermeneutics. Not a theoretical treatment, but one that is designed to be extremely practical. The major emphasis is on understanding the principles of interpretation, with smaller portions on bibliology and application through practical exercises (145 pages).

PDF (Read Only): $8.50
Spiral Bound:  $17.00 

The Attributes of God

A detailed examination of the person of God and His attributes. Emphasis is given to the issues of divine sovereignty, providence, and the human will. Special attention is devoted to the practical aspects of knowing God (250 pages).

Spiral Bound:  $27.00 

The Bible: The Word of God

A comprehensive study on every major aspect of the Bible as the written Word of God. Special emphasis is given to revelation, inspiration, inerrancy, and canonicity. The Bible is under attack and this course will help you defend it (145 pages).

Spiral Bound:  $17.00 

The Person and Work of Christ

A thorough survey of what the Bible reveals about the person of Jesus Christ from eternity to eternity. The incarnation of Christ is highlighted, with much attention given to His humanity. The major emphasis is upon His earthly ministry, passion, and ongoing work (140 pages).

Spiral Bound:  $16.00 

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

An extensive treatment about the unique person and work of the Holy Spirit in both Old and New Testaments. His work with the unbeliever is described in detail, but the major emphasis is upon His work with the believer. There are special sections on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and revival (200 pages).

PDF (Read Only):  $11.00 
Spiral Bound:  $22.00 

The Glory to Come

This is a biblical study of heaven’s bliss and the believer’s rewards. Every significant aspect of heaven has been developed, with special emphasis being placed upon the impact of this truth for our lives in the present. There was also an additional section on the realty of everlasting punishment, and sermons by J.C. Ryle, J.A. James, and Jonathan Edwards have been included as well. With so little currently available on this subject, this work would be a helpful addition to any believer’s library (149 pages).

PDF (Read Only):  $8.50 
Spiral Bound:  $17.00 

The Covenants of God

This is an in-depth study of the divine covenant structure found in Scripture, and its relationship to the development of God’s work in redemptive history. Each of the divine covenants are dealt with individually, rightly related to one another, and then viewed in their relation to the New Covenant. This material lays the foundation for a biblical understanding of the New Covenant era (120 pages).

PDF (Read Only):  $7.00 
Spiral Bound:  $14.00 

The Grandeur of God and the Folly of Idolatry

This is a presentation of the grandeur and glory of God by way of contrasting it with the absolute absurdity and folly of idolatry. The purpose is to increase our knowledge of God according to the revelation of Scripture, with that being the only true and lasting remedy for the problem of idolatry. The study is based upon the key biblical texts dealing with these subjects (e.g. Genesis 1; Acts 17; Romans 1; Isaiah 43-45; Exodus 20; etc.) (90 pages).

PDF (Read Only):  $5.50 
Spiral Bound:  $11.00 

The Glorious Doctrines of Grace

This study explores the doctrines of grace and considers some of the historical background. Many good Calvinists are not aware of how these doctrines were first formulated. In addition, some of the theological presuppositions of the doctrinal system of Calvinism are considered, along with the five “solas” of the Reformation, the “five points” of Calvinism, and the five “dilemmas” of Calvinism. The study concludes by discussing several of the practical implications of the doctrines of grace in the life of believers (185 pages).

PDF (Read Only):  $10.50 
Spiral Bound:  $21.00 


This is a brief examination, defense, and application of this chief doctrine of the historic Christian faith. Justification is under serious attack once again, and it is imperative that every Christian rightly understands this doctrine. This material was delivered in a series of sermons in order to accomplish that very purpose. Thus the material is relevant and practical, and will benefit every believer (86 pages).

PDF (Read Only):  $5.50 
Spiral Bound:  $11.00